After spending ten years as a solely bricks and mortar retailer it was time to go Digital. The following ten years was dedicated to honing my web development, digital marketing and SEO skills to help get my company ahead of my competitors.
Having sold my retail business I decided I would concentrate on helping small local businesses like my own get online and digital.
I understand the constant battle small businesses face against online competition and know that the best way to fight it is to combine it with your physical presence to offer your customers an inclusive experience.


To help small businesses punch above their weight when competiting with the more established companies online.


Seeing a balance between online and bricks and mortar presence  for business that will benefit us all.

What Our Custumers say

Rankify helped set up our site from scratch and always there to lend a hand updating it.

Alices Sevenoaks

Sell online and be seen

Adam managed our ecommerce site, SEO and Adwords campaign for 10 years. Thank you.

Fancy That of London