Google Adwords

With SEO alone it can still take a long time to reach the level you want in terms of Google results. However if you need instant results or want to complement your SEO efforts you can run a Google Adverting campaign along side it.

Advertising on Google


To compliment your SEO efforts you should also be running a Google Adwords Campaign along side it. Below is a screenshot of a Google search result. As you can see Google Adverts take up almost all the result space above the fold. This is where the page reaches the bottom of the screen.

Google Advert


An example of a Google Results Page

So even if you do get your site up the rankings in Google the prime positions are still dominated by paid adverting. So a small ad campaign running alongside your SEO efforts will give your site more chance of reaching your target audience.


However a badly organised advertising campaign can cost a company money that it does not have to spare. Here at Rankify we sit down with you and firstly come up with the best solution for you. You may be better off targeting keywords you had never considered before.


Google Adwords has the benefit of scaling down your target audience by location, so you can target your local town. You can also select demographics so ages, sex and interests. Set up incorrectly you could be targeting the wrong people that have no interest in your product or service.


Contact us to find out how we can help you with an ideal advertising campaign on a budget that suits you.

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