Keyword Analysis

Keyword Analysis

the power of words

Do you know what your customers search for when they go online? When we are in our own little bubbles at work is it easy to think that everyone else uses the same terminology as us to describe things.

This can result in companies fighting over domination of completely the wrong keywords and driving up the price.

A smarter way to work is to try and secure the less competitive keywords and get to the top of organic search for those terms.

what they are

Keyword Research


The everyday terms people use to describe what they are searching for. "Trainers" for instance.

Short Tailed Keywords

Single terms are highly competitive and also not very effecient, if you only sell women's shoes for instance. So better to use "Women's trainers."

Long Tailed Keywords

A much less competitive term and easy to be specific to your exact customers. "Women's trainers in London" for instance ensures that you get exactly the kind of visitors you want and you are not competing with companies from another city.