Local Search

Get your site seen by people in your area. Save money and energy by targeting those around you rather than the entire web.

Local Search

Although it was christened the world wide web the vast majority of businesses target their local market. This can be that country, county, city or even town. Therefore it would be a waste of your valuable time and resources to be targeting outside these areas.

Luckily Google has an answer for this allowing companies to show up on local search results complete a location pin. This is where local SEO comes in. Tailoring your site to perform better for a certain market.

The advantages of this your area when they search so effectively they are on your door step. Despite seeming this would only benefit physical bricks and mortar business attracting customers but research has also shown that this increases trust with customers even with online businesses results panel is that it serves people that are in your area and in the market.

Rankify helped set up our site from scratch and always there to lend a hand updating it.

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Adam managed our ecommerce site, SEO and Adwords campaign for 10 years. Thank you.

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Wordpress Design


We use wordpress as it universally understood and easy for clients to learn.

Google performance monitoring


We can install Google's Analytics that give you a clear view of who is coming to your site and how.

Shopify Customisation


If you need an ecommerce site we can talk through the different availbale packages on the market and help you decide the best one for you.