Why use WordPress

Why use WordPress

When people approach us to get their businesses online our first suggestion is to use WordPress as their platform.

There are many reasons for this that we have established over many years of trying different solutions.

Here are the reasons to use WordPress

  • Opensource – Which means the software is free to use. No contracts, subscriptions (unless you go with premium themes and plug ins);
  • Over 30% of all the websites in the world are based on the WordPress platform. With 60 million people using it there most be something good about it;
  • With so many people using it naturally the knowledge base is vast. Support is available from thousands of people around the world;
  • With such a large customer base there are thousands of companies out there that develop themes and plugins for WordPress. There are over 50,000 plugins out there so whatever you want your site to do there is likely one that serves your need;
  • Customisable. There are over 20,000 themes out there ranging from free to hundreds of pounds. So getting inspiration for your site is easy.

Why we use WordPress

  • As an Opensource platform you can upsticks and take you business elsewhere if you feel we are not fulfilling your needs. In our experience the worst scenario is that you fall out with your developer and your site is hosted on their servers and built on their platform. Your entire investment is lost. With WordPress you walk into any agency and they will recognise it and know exactly what to do from day one;
  • SEO – The base platform is already optimised for search which gives you a great starting point;
  • The customer is in charge. We can show them a range of templates and they can see exactly what they will be getting rather than hoping that we understand their wishes;
  • The backend is user friendly and easy to understand which means that the client can easily be trained to update their own content, saving them money.
Wordpress Backend
Simple user interface

There are of course other CMS platforms out there that have their own advantages over WordPress but on balance we will always suggest to use wordpress for platform for your content based websites.

For ecommerce sites we would either recommend WordPress, Shopify or Opencart.

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