Website analysis

You have got the site and made the changes. Now have your efforts paid off? Without sufficient analysis tracking in place you will not be able to tell if you are targeting the right people at the right time.

Google Analytics



Your site is up and orders are coming in and everything seems fine. However do you know the following:

  • That you are maximising your potential?
  • You are reaching all of your target audience?
  • Which customers go away?
  • At which point you are losing customers?

Without some kind of search analytics you will be missing out on valuable information on what you could be doing better. Are you missing out on a huge part of the market that are not relating to the current offers you have or products you are pushing. You also need to know if you are hitting your target market perfectly but are not capturing all those visitors so that you can ratchet up your efforts in that area.


Easy to read web traffic data.

One client of ours was happy with the amount of traffic they were getting. However we showed them that every single one of the queries typed into search engines contained their company name. This meant that no one chanced upon their business online but already knew of them. We used this data to improve their SEO to capture more traffic from potential new customers.


We can gather data of who is visiting your site broken down into many different areas:

  • Demographics – Sex, age, where they are etc;
  • How they found you – Straight to your site, adverts, referrals;
  • What device they used – This can impact on the design of your site and advertising.

All this information can benefit all areas of your business from sales, production and marketing as you will have a clearer idea of who your core market are.


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