Website optimisation

There are many factors in how search engine rank your site which we would look into how you can improve.

Another benefit of web site optimisation is that a better running site can provide a better user experience.

This results in longer site time and they are less likely to abandon the site prematurely.


We use wordpress as it universally understood and easy for clients to learn.

Google performance monitoring


We can install Google's Analytics that give you a clear view of who is coming to your site and how.

Shopify Customisation


If you need an ecommerce site we can talk through the different availbale packages on the market and help you decide the best one for you.

Rankify helped set up our site from scratch and always there to lend a hand updating it.

Alices Sevenoaks

Sell online and be seen

Adam managed our ecommerce site, SEO and Adwords campaign for 10 years. Thank you.

Fancy That of London